Custom made management services by TSS


Full technical management focusing in safe practices and proactive approach.

  • Technical management for oil tankers & dry cargo vessels.
  • Planned maintenance system implementation and monitoring.
  • Major machinery overhauling reconditioning.
  • New building and vessel modification planning, contracting and supervision.
  • Dry docking and repairs - planning and attendance.
  • 24/7 technical support, including on site attendance.
  • Classification survey attendance.
  • Vessel registration, documentation and certification.
  • Pre-purchase inspections, damage surveys and condition assessments.
  • Budgeting, budget control, financial forecasts and variance reports.
  • Exclusive network of Manning Agents in Manila and Romania.
  • Selection of strategic partners for sourcing seafarers – depending on ship type trade/other constraints.
  • Fixed manning cost/budget.
  • ITF TCC employment agreements – CBA. Ability to operate worldwide without ITF problems.
  • Specific selection and recruitment criteria and process.
  • Transparency in the manning services.
  • Transparent and verifiable payment process – MGA checking and Payroll execution/verification.
  • Wide pool of seafarers.
  • Retention and rotation of seafarers.
  • Manning process in compliance with MLC 2006 requirements.
  • Establishment of a process so that eventually a company pool of seafarers is developed.
  • Crew Changes planning, Crew processing, Crew rotation planning.
  • Crew database management, follow-up validity/expiration of seafarer's documents.
  • Monitoring the whole deployment process including:
  • Selection of suitable candidates.
  • Medical examination.
  • D&A testing.
  • Documentation completion including visas, flag endorsements.
  • Training and familiarization.
  • Seafarer's employment agreements.
  • POEA accreditation procedure.
  • Travelling arrangements (including ticketing and coordination with port agents).
  • Crew accounting, payroll and allotments.
  • Developing promotion schemes.
  • Handling of complaint procedures.
  • Payroll and Crew Payments

Development and execution of the following:

  • Crew payroll, accounts control and accounts documentation.
  • Monthly Allotment services.
  • MGAs.

Customized Computer Based Training (CBT) modules for remote training as well as at office and onboard training with our experienced Trainers.

Annual Vessel and Manning Agents’ Audit to ensure compliance.

Extensive network of suppliers all over the world.

  • Exclusive representation of Garrets International in the Southern East Mediterranean.
  • Fixed feeding rates.
  • Reduced administration for Owners through our direct contact with vessels.
  • Stock control, Vessel inspections, Support on health & hygiene and menu planning.
  • Reporting from vessels about actual feeding rate, stock used and stock R.O.B.
  • The advantages.
  • Fixed budgets and reduced administration for Owners.
  • Database of well-established, audited world-wide ship suppliers.
  • Provisions prices negotiated based on Garrets’ full fleet volume.
  • Suppliers are fully aware of the high-quality standards and services expected.
  • Monitoring of feeding rate and stock levels with direct involvement of the Masters.
  • Possibility of negotiating and achieving competitive prices for other ship supplies (Bonded stores etc.).
  • Clients Worldwide.