Full Shipmanagement Services | TSS


Total Shipmanagement Services SA offers vessels Full Shipmanagement Services including the following:

  1. Commercial Management
    A highly experienced and skilled chartering team in based in Athens identifies and seeks the best vessel employment opportunities and concludes fixtures.
    Vessels are chartered to 1st Class Charterers and commodity traders worldwide, either on the spot market or on long-term charters.
  2. Operations Management
    Our Operations Department is responsible for the safe and efficient completion of vessels’ voyages and always in line with Charter Party Terms. Vessels’ detailed monitoring is achieved also with the use of relevant State of the Art Software, so we are able to:
    • Check Voyage results.
    • Check average fuel consumption.
    • Check engine stoppages (time & consumption) per voyage.
    • Automatically load files sent from vessel.
    • Check the vessel’s position directly on map or list with ΕΤΑ displayed (port date left days).
  3. Technical Management
  4. Crew Management
  5. Purchasing Management
  6. Catering Management
  7. Training
  8. Auditing